Colorado Chapter J – Aurora, CO


Training and Education
GWRRA’s motto is “Friends for Fun, Safety and Knowledge”. So what does that mean? Well, our organization
is very much involved in the safety aspects of riding a motorcycle. This can range from the type of gear
to wear (helmet, gloves, armored jacket, boots, etc.) to how to safely ride in a group environment (Team Riding).
There are also Parking Lot Practices, which is an opportunity to practice and improve your skills in a fun
and safe environment with other riders. While there is no instruction in these parking lot practices, simply
discussing the exercises with other riders can yield helpful information that can be translated into better
riding practices.

In addition, our monthly gatherings always include a component that is focused on rider safety. While our
gatherings are intended to be fun and provide opportunities to make new friends, we are also very focused on
making sure that you continue to gain knowledge on how to be safe when you’re on your motorcycle. So we
include that as an integral part of our monthly gathering as well.

Many of us want to hone our skills in a more structured environment where we can receive formal instruction
and feedback, and for that type of training, we turn to professional motorcycle training organizations such
as Iron Buffalo, Abate and the like. The Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MSF) has a number of courses that
are offered, from the beginner rider course (BRC) for those who have never ridden a motorcycle and want to
obtain their motorcycle endorsement, the BRC2 course for those who know how to ride but have not yet received
their endorsement, and the advanced rider course, or ARC, for those who have been riding for a while and want
to take their skills to new levels.

There are also advanced rider and trike rider courses that are typically offered at the annual Region Convention
and at WingDing, our annual international convention.

Rider Ed Courses
Rider Education is the backbone of GWRRA and is intended to make the motorcycle environment safer by reducing
injuries and fatalities, and increasing motorcyclist skills and awareness. Through commitment, education and
application, all of us can reduce our accident rate significantly.

Levels Program
The Levels Program underscores the commitment of each rider/co-rider to the principles of safe riding and

  1. Level I, Safety by Commitment – This is the “Safe Miles” portion of the levels program and represents the
    commitment of the rider and/or co-rider to practice safe motorcycle operation whenever they operate their motorcycle.
  2. Level II, Safety by Education – Referred to as “Tour Rider/Co-Rider”, this represents the commitment of the
    rider and/or co-rider to be safer by taking approved motorcycle riding courses at regular intervals.
  3. Level II, Safety by Preparedness – Known as “Certified Tour Rider/Co-Rider”, this is the commitment to be
    prepared in the event of an accident to give aid and possibly save lives by being knowledgeable in First Aid
    or CPR and carrying a first aid kit on their motorcycle at all times. In addition, attendance at a Motorist
    Awareness seminar exposes the member to the program to improve awareness of all road users to the presence of
    motorcycle, trike, and sidecar enthusiasts.
  4. Level IV, Safety by Enhanced Commitment and Preparedness – This level, “Master Tour Rider/Co-Rider” is the
    most prestigious of the levels, and represents the highest commitment to safe riding and preparedness. This
    is shown by a demonstrated history of safe miles and current certification in both First Aid and CPR.

Leadership Training
Leadership training is offered to all GWRRA members, not just those who wish to become leaders within the
organization. From the seemingly mundane (How to Remember Names) to conflict management, these classes
offer a robust set of skills that can be utilized not only in GWRRA, but in our work and/or personal life.
This training also incorporates the “Horizon Training” program, which is recognized across the nation as a
top level course for management training.

Officer Certification Program (OCP)
The OCP program is offered to all GWRRA members as well. While it is no longer required training for GWRRA
officers, this program provides a rich knowledge base of how GWRRA operates, what it does, how it is done,
and the reasons why things are done the way they are… just in case you were wondering. This is a very in-depth
course, typically offered at the Region Convention, and it provides every member with an exceptional understanding